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Facility Grievance Process Improvement

ESRD Network Grievance and Access to Care Update

Tune Up to Speak Up-Tools to Improve the Grievance Process and Patient Satisfaction

Project Resources

“Take 5 To Tune In”

  • Take 5 To Tune In- Toolkit (All info)
  • Introduction to Talking Control
  • Staff In-Service Recording
  • Staff In-Service Evaluation
  • Staff Handout- Top 5 Ways Take 5 is Different
  • Session Tracking Form
  • Patient Invitation (English) (Spanish)
  • Session in Progress card
  • Sorry We Missed You card
  • Pre-Assessment Introduction Script for Staff
  • Pre Assessment Questionnaire (English) (Spanish)
  • Post-Assessment Instructions & Script
  • Post Assessment Questionnaire (English) (Spanish)
  • Talking Control article by Serfaty et al.
  • Conversation Starters
  • Full List
  • Starter Cards to Print

Process Tune Up Resources:

  • Tune Up to Speak Up – QAPI Quick Start Guide
  • Grievance Process Flow Chart
  • Grievance Staff Q&A
  • Staff Grievance Poster
  • Grievance Log Template
  • Speak Up- Clinic Grievance Flyer (English) (Spanish)
  • Grievance Acknowledgement Letter
  • Grievance Outcome Letter (Iowa)
  • Grievance Outcome Letter (Kansas)
  • Grievance Outcome Letter (Missouri)
  • Grievance Outcome Letter (Nebraska)
  • Sustainability Planning Tool

Staff Education: “Huddle Up to Improve the Grievance Process”

  • Heartland Huddle: Grievance Definition
  • Heartland Huddle: Grievance Process
  • Heartland Huddle: Retaliation

Patient Partnership:

  • NPR Program
  • “Tips For How To Be An Effective Patient or Family Advisor”
  • Patient Invitation to QAPI

For additional information or questions, please contact:

DeeDee Velasquez-Peralta
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